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Water Damage


Remediating Damage from Burst Pipes, Floods, & More

When disaster strikes, home and business owners are looking to get back into their homes and reopen their doors for business as quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible. As soon as we enter your space, our team begins work on restoring it to its pre-loss condition. Water damage requires timely and effective mitigation. After using professional methods for extracting water from carpeting, padding, and flooring, we begin drying the area to prevent mould and other secondary damage.
Ottawa flood water damage restoration | Lacasse Building Solutions

Ottawa Water Damage Restoration and Repair
for Home & Business

While flooding from heavy rain, rising water levels, and other weather events may result in staggering losses to property, the most common type of water damage often begins with burst pipes and other plumbing failures, leaking appliances, faulty foundations, and ice-damming. Unattended water leaks and infiltration can spread quickly and result in permanently discoloured carpets or buckled flooring, secondary damage from high humidity levels, and aggressive mould growth, to name but a few. Our professional team will handle the mitigation of water damage in your home or business with respect and compassion, following strict guidelines and industry best practices, to facilitate a timely and efficient return of your property to its pre-loss condition so that your life may return to normal with the least possible inconvenience.
Water Damage Mitigation
Calling us at the very first opportunity is the first step in preventing further damage from floods and water leaks. Our water damage professionals will respond quickly to our clients’ disaster emergencies, and begin to mitigate the loss immediately upon arriving on site. We adhere to our industry’s best practices, ensure our teams are well trained, and use the right equipment to remove moisture and effectively dry the area.
Full-Service Reconstruction Services
After the water damage to your home or business has been effectively mitigated, our reconstruction services quickly begin working on putting the space back together. We have streamlined this process for our clients, eliminating the need to seek out multiple companies to complete mitigation and reconstruction of the space. We are a one-stop-shop for our clients, providing clear and prompt communication to help minimize confusion and stress during an already difficult time.
Strict Adherence to IICRC Guidelines

Following best practices can help restore a property more quickly and efficiently, which in turn could potentially result in a reduction to the cost of a loss or claim, and minimize the overall disruption to the client’s routine. Our experienced technicians adhere to IICRC regulations for all types of water losses, following the proper clean-up procedure for each one and, depending on the cause of loss, using drying methods such as Rapid Structural Drying to remove the maximum amount of water from all affected surfaces.


Sample Projects

Our team is always ready to serve you with commercial, residential, and industrial construction, repair, or emergency services. Here is a sample of our projects.

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