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Odour Remediation for Large Yacht

Lacasse Building Solutions’ restoration division services many different types and sizes of odour control projects.

One of our past jobs was to eliminate diesel fuel odours from a leak in the bottom haul of the boat caused by a leaking fitting while it was in storage for the winter. The fuel leaked below the main floor and underneath all the equipment and fuel storage tanks in the engine room. The amount of mechanical equipment, wiring, and piping crammed into a very small space made for a quite challenging job.

This challenging project was not only made difficult because of the hard-to-reach areas of the boat but also from the fumes contaminating all fabric materials in the remainder of the boat. All carpets, cushions, linen, mattresses, curtains, and blinds all needed to be restored through off-site professional upholstery cleaners.

The remediation consisted of various types of treatments which included fuel extraction, hard surface decontamination, air scrubbing treatments with filtration systems like hydroxyl and ozone, chemical gas treatment, and, dry cleaning of soft goods.


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