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Trauma & Biohazard


24/7 Biohazard Response Services

The American Bio-Recovery Association (ABRA) defines biohazards as: “Biological hazards, also known as biohazards, refer to biological substances that pose a threat to the health of living organisms, primarily that of humans. This can include medical waste or samples of a microorganism, virus or toxin (from a biological source) that can affect human health. It can also include substances harmful to other animals.”

When clients require biohazard recovery and clean-up services, they can trust Lacasse Building Solutions to handle the situation with respect, compassion and professionalism. Our team of ABRA-certified trauma and biohazard cleaning technicians are trained to handle hazardous environments with care and to dispose of contaminated materials as per Ministry of Environment rules and regulations.


Managing hazardous cleanup with respect and efficiency

Our project managers and technicians at Lacasse Building Solutions provide professional and respectful support for any need. We expertly clean and remediate biohazard, crime, and trauma scenes which may affect either homes or businesses. With great attention to detail, we also take extra care in supporting our clients through these difficult scenarios, and to help return their space to its previous condition in as timely a manner as possible.

How Lacasse Handles Hazardous Materials
Our cleaning, deodorization, and sanitization services cover a variety of emergency situations, including homicide cleanup, industrial accident cleanup, and communicable disease remediation. These types of high-risk scenarios must be handled by professionals who are expertly trained to handle biohazardous materials properly. We follow ABRA standards for cleaning biohazard and trauma scenes, properly removing and disposing of hazardous materials.
Compassion and Professionalism
When experiencing a distressing situation, the last thing our clients should have to worry about is the cleanup. When our crew arrives on the scene, they understand they are working with clients in some of the most extreme and devastating situations. We handle our role with professionalism, care, and respect so our clients can concentrate on what they need to do.
ABRA Certified to Expertly Handle All Situations

Our team is expertly trained to identify and remove hazardous pathogens and chemicals while adhering to known industry standards for containment, handling, and disposal. Bio recovery technicians are American Bio-Recovery Association (ABRA) certified to properly remediate biohazard, crime, and trauma scenes. and re-establishing a safe environment for our clients’ homes or businesses.


Sample Projects

Our team is always ready to serve you with commercial, residential, and industrial construction, repair, or emergency services. Here is a sample of our projects.

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