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Fire & Smoke Damage


24/7 Emergency Fire Damage Restoration & Smoke Mitigation Services

Lacasse Building Solutions has been helping residents and businesses in the Ottawa community recover from fire and smoke damage for over 25 years. We bring a full-service approach to each project and streamline the mitigation and reconstruction process to efficiently bring the home or business back to its pre-loss condition, thus ensuring that our client(s) can return to their normal routines soonest.

Ottawa fire damage restoration and smoke mitigation

Experts in Fire Damage Restoration + Smoke Mitigation

A fire loss is one of the most devastating and distressing occurrences a home or business owner may experience. Our team of professionals will treat the client and property with respect and compassion. We will maintain open and clear communication throughout the entire fire damage repair and smoke mitigation process, from the initial phone call to the completion of reconstruction.

Fire & Smoke Damage, and Odour Control
The insidious nature of smoke and soot residue can sometimes take clients by surprise. Smoke, and its persistent odour, often finds its way to textiles (carpets, upholstery, drapery), surfaces (exposed and hidden), and other seemingly unaffected areas throughout the home or business. As the smoke disperses, it can be pulled by air currents to seemingly unaffected areas, infiltrating itself through slits and spaces under doors and around trim and hardware, behind electric receptacles, and even through the tiny space surrounding nail heads. Our multi-step process for deodorizing safely and effectively removes challenging smoke odours and damage in every area of the home or business.
Taking Care to Avoid Secondary Damage
Minimizing the amount of time our clients are displaced starts with using our experience and expertise to streamline the demolition (if and as required), mitigation, and reconstruction of each project. Part of our responsibility when mitigating fire and smoke damage is to correctly assess the situation to avoid secondary damage for our clients. After arriving on the scene, we prioritize the extraction of water and the drying of the structure after it has been sprayed by the fire department, followed by the restorative cleaning of impacted areas. Ash and smoke may corrode remaining materials, walls and other surfaces may quickly become discoloured, and odours will linger. Prompt response and the use of the appropriate techniques can greatly reduce the overall impact of a loss on the affected structure.
Full-Service Approach from Mitigation to Reconstruction
Fire damage restoration is more than just removing soot. It also includes decontaminating the area, controlling odours, deodorizing, boarding up carpentry, and drying. After mitigation of the fire and smoke damage is complete, we also take care of the reconstruction of the property. We streamline the mitigation and reconstruction processes for our clients, minimizing confusion and stress during this already difficult time.

Sample Projects

Our team is always ready to serve you with commercial, residential, and industrial construction, repair, or emergency services. Here is a sample of our projects.

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