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Mould Remediation


Professional Mould Removal & Remediation

Mould spores are one of the most commonly occurring life-forms on the planet and can be found in every structure with the exception of the most sterile environments. It can sit dormant for a long time waiting for the right environment to grow. Our mould remediation professionals will remove and remediate any active mould spores and associated damage discovered in your home while taking care to maintain a safe environment throughout the process. We also investigate and identify the moisture source, and can effectuate repairs to help prevent the conditions in which mould may thrive.
Ottawa mould remediation + removal | Lacasse Building Solutions

Safe and efficient mould remediation

If mould has infected your home or business, it may require to be professionally remediated. Mould spores could remain unseen in fibers, HVAC systems, and other hard-to-access areas that DIY solutions may not properly address. Once exposed, mould spores are also prone to travel and contaminate other spaces and surfaces. Lacasse Building Solutions professionals, experts in Ottawa mould remediation and removal services, will safely and efficiently remediate areas affected by mould, and help you regain peace of mind.

Professional Mould Removal
While it might be tempting for home and business owners to clean the infected area themselves with bleach and water, mould remediation is safest and most effective when performed by professionals. Our specialists can also avoid further contamination by successfully isolating and protecting the work area, disposing of affected materials and items in accordance with the proper safety guidelines, and determine and eliminate the source of the moisture to protect from re-occurrence.
We Target The Sources of Mould
For mould to continue growing, it requires a steady source of moisture. This moisture can come from a variety of sources including floods, leaking roofs and pipes, bathrooms and basements with high humidity, improperly sealed doors and windows, and condensation. In addition to safely removing and remediating the mould itself, we identify and effectively eliminate the source of moisture. We take care to properly eliminate the moisture source to help prevent the mould from reoccurring.

Sample Projects

Our team is always ready to serve you with commercial, residential, and industrial construction, repair, or emergency services. Here is a sample of our projects.

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